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At Howards Metal, we are revolutionizing the way you perceive metal roofing. Gone are the days of conventional expectations – embrace innovation, durability, and aesthetics with our premium metal solutions. Elevate your projects with materials that not only protect but redefine the very essence of metal roofing. Experience the future of roofing at Howards Metal, where we’re changing the way you view metal, one roof at a time.

Construct Your Vision

Explore our comprehensive building packages tailored for pole barns and steel structures, all at competitive rates. Whether you opt for the versatile “Post Frame” pole barn or the robust “Engineered” Steel Frame building, each package can be meticulously customized to align with your precise requirements.

Our dedicated team is committed to guiding you seamlessly through the entire process – from conceptual design to flawless installation. Elevate your construction experience with Howards Metal, where your vision takes shape effortlessly.

Residential Services

Discover a new realm of home improvement with our Residential services, where we redefine comfort and aesthetics.

Commercial Services

Uncover the possibilities for business spaces with our Commercial services, elevating environments to foster success and innovation.

Agricultural Services

Explore innovation in agriculture with our Agricultural services, cultivating efficiency and durability for your farming needs.

Architectual Services

Experience the synergy of form and function with our Architectural services, where design meets precision to create spaces that inspire.


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Delve into the intricacies of metal roofing perfection by exploring our Metal Roofing Trim – where precision meets durability, shaping roofs with a seamless finishing touch.

Color Visiualizer

Immerse yourself in the transformative power of choice by utilizing our Color Visualizer tool, ensuring you envision the perfect hue for your home with just a click.

Metal Color Charts

Unlock a spectrum of possibilities for your project by referring to our comprehensive Color Charts for Metal, where every shade is a step closer to bringing your vision to life.


Explore the essential details about accessories for your metal work, from sealants to closures and pipe flashings, by navigating to our comprehensive information page – because every detail matters in crafting perfection.

Installation Guides

Embark on a seamless journey towards the successful completion of your project by consulting our detailed Installation Guides, ensuring every step is guided with precision and expertise.


Ensure peace of mind and longevity for your investment by perusing our Warranty Information, where transparency meets assurance, safeguarding the quality and durability of your chosen metal products.

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