You’ve learned about metal roofing and are ready to purchase it for your home. Next, your contractor may discuss different types of trim and accessories needed to complete your project. Trim components will give your roof a finished look.  More importantly, they help keep the elements from going under the roof at joints or the roof edges. Accessories such as butyl tape and foam closures ensure that your roof is properly sealed from water, wind and pests.

This Color Visualizer is an easy way for you to view metal roofing and siding on your home. The Color Visualizer is optimized for Google Chrome. Some features may not work properly in Internet Explorer. Use this color visualizer to quickly test different color combinations for your project. Upload a photo of your home, or try out some of our sample projects. 

View the metal color charts: Click Here

Closures are foam pieces shaped like the panel. They help seal up the end of panels from pests.
Sealants are used to keep water from running back underneath a roof panel.
Pipe Flashing
Used to seal around ventilation pipes in your roof.
Butyl Tape
This sticky tape is used to help seal up any places normal sealant can’t go. It’s impermeable to water, so it’s perfect to keep out the elements.
We offer a variety of screws for different applications. Some are for fastening metal to metal and some for metal to wood.
Touch Up Paint
Touch-up paint is great for small scratches that may occur during installation.

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